The company works with agencies and designers from around the world. We maintain high industry standards in regard to prepress. We use modern tools to guarantee the highest quality of preparation of materials for printing.  We verify the correctness of graphic designs and structural designs received. On request, We can correct and implement changes in the design.

Production takes place using modern sheetfed KBA printing presses and BOBST bookbinding  machinery. We use the raw materials and tools from renowned brands, provided by certified suppliers. We offer solutions that employ barriers – water, fat, various base materials – cellulose and recycled paperboard, coated paper, printing with conventional and low migration inks for contact with food.

Graphics with a full range of colors and gradations with an effective metallic sheen, unique design solutions, products with extremely expressive and communicative nature – are all effective marketing solutions utilizing technologies such as cold foiling (cold stamping), UV printing (gloss), drip-off printing (orange peel), pressing and others.