Our offer is based on solid board cartons (800 g/m2, thickness up to 1.2 mm), highly diverse in terms of selected features and types, and dedicated for various industries. It is mostly dedicated to the food industry, but also the automotive industry, the tobacco industry, the chemical industry and the clothing industry. Our printing company specializes in providing services for businesses with high production demand in repetitive product groups.

Engas has many years of experience in the production of labels, especially for the food industry. We make cut labels (cutter), formed labels (push-through die) and stamped labels (die), made in any shape and on many types of paper and cardboard surfaces.

Jobbing printing includes printing of posters, calendars and other promotional products whose appeal is based on the use of selected technologies – UV printing, drip-off printing, cold foiling. The use of offset technology in conjunction with printing enhancement techniques is a particularly interesting proposition for high-volume projects.